Is YOUR Dog a Bagel?
- The only dog-related "papers" that matter to you are the ones he was finally housebroken on.

- Your dog can consume a twenty pound bag of kibble inside of ten minutes, then beg for more.

- The nose goes down and the ears turn off. "Come" and "here" only work at dinner time.

- Your dog's idea of fun is sniffing, eating, sniffing, eating, sniffing, eating...

- Your dog give you big, brown "puppy eyes" every time you cook. Or open the fridge. Or eat. Or THINK about eating.

- You can't get the Elvis Presley song from the last page out of your head.
Bagel Hound: It's an attitude, not a breed. If you find yourself nodding agreement to any of the following, you own an Honorary Bagel Hound.