Welcome to a site dedicated to magic black cats... those furry, friendly creatures composed of equal parts mystery and affection. Stay a while... read about the magic blacks who share my life, about magic blacks in general, and meet some non-cat members of my magical family. So many of us have ebony treasures curled on the sofa or perched on the windowsill, it would be a shame to keep them all to ourselves!

~CSV, August 1999

A Purrr-fectly Lovely Menu

What IS a Magic Black, Anyway?
All about these uniquely non-pedigreed felines, with help from a published expert.
Ian's Story
Ian the Elder tells the story of his life.
Alex's Story
Alex, aka Catboy, the new kit on the block.
Fox's Rainbow Bridge Memorial
Not a magic black, but dear to our hearts.
Quentin, the Bagel Hound
His poor houndy feelings would be hurt if we left him out!