The Catwings Collection

a WolfRunners Member Gallery

Welcome to my WolfRunners Member Gallery... home of my written work in the science fiction and fantasy genres. This collection is growing, and will be updated regularly... keep checking in! Because I am actively seeking publication on many of the pieces you'll see here, they have been broken down into three viewing categories:
Works in Progress, which are (surprise!) still in development, and are appearing here in exerpted form...
Story Samplers, which are completed stories which I am in the process of circulating to publishers...
Completed Stories, which are stories which I have decided to publish here on the Web rather than in hard copy.

Why so many stories posted in exerpt form? Click here for my reasons.

Feel free to peruse my work or drop me a line about something you've seen... constructive critiques are always welcome. If you like what you see here, you're invited to click over and visit WolfRunners, my online writer-and-artist community, to see other members' galleries.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Chris, a.k.a. Catwings, WolfRunners Fantasy Pack Leader

Many thanks to Mariann Kosub, my partner in WolfRunners, for all her patience and assistance as this page was being developed. Thanks also to Dee Dreslough ( who provided most of the artwork you'll see on my pages. I couldn't have done it without them! ~CS