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February 1, 1998
Middle School Computer Lab
Somewhere, CT

A lone figure sits hunched over a computer. School's been out for hours now, but she's still there... staring fixedly at the screen... unmoving, unblinking. An eerie glow splashes light across her pallid face. She's utterly transfixed, and seems unaware of anything else. The sound of footsteps, and the school janitor strolls by, backpedals, and stares... he notices the glow, and sighs. It's that crazy Language Arts teacher, checking up on the X Files fan sites again... doesn't she ever go home from work?

Okay, so I'll admit it... I'm an X Files junkie.

I throw X Files marathon parties for the season premiere and finale. I never miss an episode if I can help it, and I'm one of those William Shatner "Get-a-Lifers" who knows the titles and summaries of most XF episodes, tidbits of info, and collects other bits of trivia like "Mulder-isms" and "Scully-isms." I'm not quite so obsessed as some... I didn't, for example, go entirely out of my mind when David Duchovny married Tea Leoni (hey, the female fans know that it's MULDER we really want, right?)... but I do give myself over to writing fan fiction, and I'm a confirmed, if reluctant, "relationshipper." Hey, everyone needs a hobby!

Listed below is what fanfic I've completed so far... as well as a compilation of links (not the most, and perhaps not the best) that I've found particularly interesting or useful.

First and foremost, though, I'd like to credit E's X Page for the images you'll find here... Erin is quite the whiz with design, and you'll find a link to her two XF pages further down the page. Thanks, Erin! And to the rest of you... Enjoy!

~ Chris

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Fanfic Written By Yours Truly...

Newly illustrated and nicely formatted... there's pride in personal publishing. Most of these stories are based on specific episodes... sort of "what happened after the fadeout" pieces. Feedback is welcome. Again, my thanks to Erin Livingstone for her incredible artwork!
Anasazi: Gaps
What might have happened on that long drive cross-country round about the time of the X Files second season finale.
Near Death Experience, v.I and v.II
This is a writing exercise... one piece written before I saw the show, the next afterwards. The episode: "The Field Where I Died," or the Mulder-finds-his-soulmate episode.
One Way Home
All 'shippers remember "The Conversation on the Bench" in the episode "Home" — and Mulder's reaction to Scully's surprising confession there... "I never saw you as a mother, Scully..." Now, Mulder has to deal with the consequences when his partner asks for a favor...
But Tonight... Strength
My first post-ep response to "Mementos Mori" (or, the historic First Kiss episode)...
When Darkness Comes
Realization of her own mortality has its effect on Scully.
Only With The Heart
For fans of "The Little Prince" as well as 'shippers... "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."
XF Means X-tra Fuzzy
A comic vignette... Mulder really isn't himself. No Illustrations.
The Road to Emmaus
In the aftermath of Mulder's death (season 4 finale, "Gethsemane"), Scully must question whether she has "believed the lie" — particularly in the wake of a disturbing visitation, and another attempted suicide.
Detour: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Conference
Who needs an FBI conference to improve communication skills? (Not yet illustrated.)
Mulder and Scully have a heart-to-heart about the implications of her adopting a child. (Not yet illustrated.)
The Pooh Files
In Which Mulder and Scully Make a New Friend, Learn a New Game, and Almost Catch a Heffalump. Co-authored by Becky DaSilva. Not yet illustrated.
Cold Hands
"How good it feels, the hand of an old friend..." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. With the truth he seeks more elusive and confusing than ever, a spirit-lost Mulder realizes that the one truth he cannot bear to lose is his partnership with Scully. Not yet illustrated.
Written before the Season 6 premiere, "Mizpah" deals with Scully learning who Diana is... and was. Angst warning... I've been told this one tends to reduce sensitive readers to tears! Not yet illustrated.
An X-Mas Carol
Mulder was drunk, to begin with. There can be no doubt whatsoever about that. But whether that accounts for his three Yuletide visitors - four, if you count the mortal one - is up for discussion... Not yet illustrated.

X Phile Sites, Official and Otherwise

It's an admittedly short list... I'm quite picky as to where I spend my time. I'm always looking for a few quality sites, though... so drop me a line with your suggestions for additions. Oh, and for those who've heard about the "netwash" conducted by Fox last year and worry that your page may be snatched... you'll want to take a look at the Official Word, which outlines fair usage guidelines for those developing fan sites.

The Official X Files Web Site
I list this first out of respect, though not out of personal preference. Good points: the upcoming episodes, the case files, the show stats. The downside... I'm not here to make that decision for you. ::grin:: It's snazzy, it's smooth, it's professional... check it out for yourself. You can get a great X postcard at the Fox Funhouse, though.
X Philes For Christ
The Spirit is, after all, in the Truth.
The Gossamer Project
This site made me reconsider my thoughts on fan fiction... a laudable undertaking, and (as far as I know) the largest and best-kept fan fiction archive currently in existence. If you're a fan or an author... you should know about Gossamer!
Larold Rebhun's Homepage
Larold was one of my first friends on the Net, and while you can only see his name for a brief, flickering instant on the closing credits, he's the Sound Engineer and deserves a round of applause. Whenever you hear that slight shift in the way the theme sounds, it's not an X File. It's Larold... :) Special Note! In episode 4x17, "Tempus Fugit," you can watch good old Larold — well, his namesake, at least — die in a plane crash!
Mark Snow's Homepage
And here's Larold's partner in crime... the man responsible for the composition of that eerie theme that sounds even eerier as a dance remix (IMHO). Stop in... take a look at songs that were in "The Key of X" before that other album ever hit the racks!
Dean Haglund's Homepage
Langly of the Lone Gunmen... you know, the one who looks like Dana Carvey's Garth on SNL?... has his own homepage which he himself maintains. Kudos to you, Dean! A truly fan-friendly site.
E's X-Page
Home of the graphics you see here! DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THESE IMAGES! Erin's nice enough to give permission for a download, if you're polite enough to ask!
E's X-Cards
Like the artwork on this page? Send a fellow fan a post card by the artist!
The Mining Company's X Files Fan Page
Updated weekly, you'll find a lovely array of links and commentary here, including a Fanfic of the Week section.
The X Files Time Wasters Page
You MUST try this page, if only to check out the "Pin the Tie on the Mulder" game. That's my personal favorite...
Sonnets in the Key of X
And here the page author grins sheepishly... this is a shameless plug for my own often-moved site, newly revised. Bad poetry about a good show... what more can anyone ask for? ;)

Relationshipper Sites

Okay... I am *not* one of the folks who believes that Mulder mouthed the words "I love you" to Scully during the "Pusher" episode... and the jury's still out on the "puff or pucker" debate from "Irresistible"... but I *am* a 'shipper at heart, albeit a conservative one. Entertainment Weekly called Mulder and Scully's wonderfully understated union "tv's most successful progressive marriage." Sure, it's not the OFFICIAL take on things... but "relationshippers" know, perhaps better than most, that the truth IS out there... and there's safety in numbers, folks!
The X Files Finis Romantics Society
Okay, THIS is something I can wholeheartedly agree with... get these two UST-ridden characters together at the END of the series. Lovely page, and the wonderful site author, Paperback Writer, created my header banner for me. A lovely, frequently-updated site.
The X Philes Romantic Association
"Trust no one... except your partner!" This is a site for 'shippers of all gradiations... conservative or die-hard. Becky and Sketch run a wonderfully designed site, and their newsletter is a lovely way of keeping up on the latest gossip (errr... "shared information!")! Congrats, ladies, on the XRPA's one year anniversary this Valentine's Day!
The X Files Institute for Relationshippers
Okay... so, non-shippers may think we DO belong in an institution... I personally like this site on account of its cheerful disposition and open camaraderie. The interactive surveys are nice, too. It's definitely worth a visit.
Haven for the FBI's Most Unwanted
A comprehensive exploration of a journey towards elusive truths, furthered by belief in the impossible, and maintained by logical conviction. Catwings says, "Check out the Fanfic Archives - and the message boards!"
The X-Files: An Infectious Obsession
'Shipper links found here... and it's a 'Shipper friendly site, with super-friendly folks behind the scenes... plus plenty of "straight" X Files info, including episode reviews catalogued by title, writer, and reviewer. Good stuff!
Mulder/Scully Love Code
The language of love... or is that UST? This site gets my wink-and-chuckle award for best 'Shipper Humor site, in the vein of... "What they SAY... What they MEAN."

Obligatory Pagemaster Trivial Nonsense:

If you read Tripod's super-cool book Tripod's Tools For Life(recently released, availible at your local bookseller, plug plug), you'll find an article on Internet chat by yours truly, in which there is a quote from the manual of an online X Files-based role playing game. This was my character - Manda Fischer, Alex "Ratboy" Krycek's ex-partner. Nothing like her devious and side-swapping partner, she was quickly dubbed "The Basement Mom," best known for supplying the "Basement Rats" with donuts and for worrying like crazy when they acted in rash and impulsive ways. Or didn't wear their sweaters while pursuing alien suspects. -CMS

people believe that The Truth Is Out There. Thanks!

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